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Bali Land Property logoIn recent years the island of Bali in Indonesia has become a haven for foreign real estate investors and home buyers. Here at Bali Land Property, our goal is to provide you with only the highest quality services at affordable prices. Whether you are interested in sales or leases, homes or land, leasehold or freehold, you can be assured that we have something to fit your needs. We even have commercial opportunities available.

Your own piece of paradise

Currently, Every year, thousands of people come to the popular island to soak up the rich Balinese culture, experience some adventure, enjoy the picture perfect beaches or maybe just enjoy the tropical environment while they sip a drink on the beach.

Probably the only thing better than visiting the island, would be living there. Maybe you just want to rent a villa for a few months or possibly move to it permanently, either way investigating the realty market here could be beneficial.

If you are searching for the ultimate and island luxury lifestyle, the home market can easily accommodate you. The breathtaking estates in the Bukit cliffs or the beach front retreats will allow you to have your own private paradise on the grand island of Bali. Alternatively, you could purchase your own plot of land and custom design your own unique estate. The choice is yours. Either way you should contact us and see how we can help you turn your dream into a reality.

Recent Changes in Land Ownership Rules

Bali Balangan BeachRecently there have been some proposed changes to the ownership rules for foreigners. Currently, foreigners can own real properties for a 25 year term. At the time of term expiration, they are eligible to renew their rights with the National Land Agency (BPN) for an additional 25 year term. When that term expires, foreign owners are allowed to extend it for another 20 years. Making for a total ownership term of 70 years.

Under the new regulation, foreigners will now be able to renew their rights for the additional 25 and 20 year terms at the same time. Meaning that essentially they will be able to have a 45 year renewal, instead of having to come back again in 25 years. Read more..

Ask the Specialist

Searching for that perfect residence by yourself, can quickly become tiresome, frustrating and time-consuming. As you go from place to place, trying to find something suitable, you may miss out on some of the best deals in the market.
Let the professional agents at Bali Land Property assist you in realizing your dream of ownership. If you have never purchased a property before, it is advisable to utilize the skills and expertise of a competent agent. Especially if you are a foreign buyer. Our specialists can offer you the advice and guidance you need to ensure that you get the best value for your money and, more importantly, help you to avoid costly mistakes that could sour the entire experience for you.

Our fees are paid by the seller as part of our commission on the purchase price.
If you are just beginning your search or if maybe you have run into a dead end, we suggest that you take a little time to go over the wealth of information on this website. Take a look at the available listings, and when you are ready, contact one of our specialists. One thing to keep in mind, is that not all of our listings have made it to our website, so if you don't see that one special place, contact us, because we might just have it in our listings.

For those of you who are already living the dream and are now looking to sell their land or villa, you can list your residential or commercial real estate for sale or for rent with us. Listing with us is free of charge, only when we are successful in finding a suitable buyer or renter will we charge our commission. Listing with us will also widen the pool of potential buyers. This helps to ensure that you will more quickly find a suitable buyer or help to start making some extra income from your holiday short or long term rental.

Take some time to tell us a little bit about your land or home and we will be sure to respond to your request as soon as possible. If we find that we are a good match, then we will draw up a listing contract if necessary, that way everyone is protected.

  • Double Six Seminyak Beach
    The famous Double Six Beach in Bali is a first-rate beach holiday spot that offers beautiful white sands and the aquamarine blue Indian Ocean. These are all but the start of a really excellent holiday in 66 Beach, Seminyak Bali is  about. No matter whether you are searching for a soothing break from your every day schedule or a trip filled with activity, you can find it all and more in 66 Seminyak Beach.
    There is something to do here ...
  • Bali Banjar Traditional Village Community
    The traditional Bali village community is overseen by the Banjar. This is a traditional town council and has all male government. Each married male represents their family at this particular council, which meets near the temple village or pura desa at the Banjar pavilion. This meeting happens twice a month. The Banjar dispense laws traditionally as well as select dates for events that are religious events. They also oversee the sale of land, allocate maintenance of the temple, receive money ...

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