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Celebrating its 9th Anniversary with a bang and with an offer of a special discount for all holiday guests planning to visit Bali, Indonesia.

The holiday villas of are known for offering only the best quality services at the highest standard. To celebrate their 9th anniversary in the business, guests now have the chance to visit one of the most glorious holiday attractions in the world, less the original price.


Many people who have travelled to Bali end up wanting to buy a house on the island. Some may think that it's difficult but all it requires is the right paperwork!

Moving from their own homes and relocating to Bali has always been a financially sound decision for many. Formerly, it would be hard for somebody not native to the land to finance a mortgage and buy any kind of property here. The problem arose when the title of the real estate had the name of an Indonesian on it instead of the person trying to apply for the mortgage financing.

A foreigner cannot obtain a freehold title to a property in Bali, even if some real estate agents tell you otherwise. The name of one of the local nominees actually has to be on the property title. Unfortunately, this is the process that scares most Indonesian banks away from financing the mortgage.


Luxury villa propertyA recent study on the real estate deals in and around Bali shows a sharp increase in land & property purchases. Today we will take a look at the rising trend and why it would be wise to invest now, so please read on and be well informed.

Known to be an island of Gods, Bali attracts investors for properties from across all corners of the world. With a beautiful landscape to her name, the island has been on every travelers mind at some point of time, needless to say on an investors mind as well. There are plenty of hotels for all budgets and even villas, the latter being preferred the most by almost all travelers and investors.


Bali Land Property announces a near sellout of these properties.  With only one unit still available, they are calling this venture a success. The properties are less than a mile from the beach in beautiful Canggu.

Canggu is a village that attracts people from all over the world because of the tranquility of the area and the proximity to world class shopping and dining.  It is also a popular surf destination.


If you are one of those adventurous travellers searching for a wonderful place or vacation along the warm beaches in Bali, then you should consider thinking about investing as well as buying a property on the paradise island. There are lots of cheap and affordable private homes available for sale. This means that, even if you choose a villa that is not well maintained, you may be able to renovate it and make it a perfect property ready to be rented out to tourists. Most of these properties can be a popular choice for vacationers who enjoy spending a wonderful holiday with sunbathing and surfing.

Beach villas have been just about the most sought after vacation rentals in the area. These kinds of homes are typically in great demand because of the attractive setting, warm weather in addition to the great scenery this lovely island in Indonesia has to offer. Homes situated on the island can be purchased or they can also be rented depending on your specific requirements, price range and other factors. A great number of travellers prefer investing in real estate simply because they are planning to check out this attractive island in order to relax on the sandy beaches in addition to indulge in family holiday time. You can easily obtain an Bali oceanfront villa for sale, but you might have to search a little bit to get the best deal.


Bali 2 bedroom villa for saleA very lucrative two bedroom villa is up for a quick sale. It is situated in Seminyak which is one of the best places to visit in Bali. An important advantage is that this villa is located close to the beach almost in walking distance (less than 10 minutes). It is very close as well to the Dhyana Pura Street and Oberoi "eat street" offering some of the Island's most popular and quality shops, top class restaurants and nightspots such as the Ku De Ta, Trattoria, Ultimo, Rumors and Mykonos. The holiday home has all the facilities and amenities for a great holiday in Bali. It offers great comfort along with contemporary style. The villa is close to the international airport, which is only a mere 25 minutes drive as well as the beach, which is less than a 10 minutes walk or the famous Oberoi street which is a place frequently visited by tourists and expats.


Real estate firm Bali Land Property announced that they have put up a number of Villas for sale. Bali is one of the world’s most visited tourist destination and the properties for sale in Seminyak are a rare and unique opportunity for both holiday makers who enjoy the island and investors looking at the Indonesian market.

The resort which is located in the Badung district in Seminyak has a 43 year leasehold term with a possibility to extend in the future. Long lease terms are extremely difficult to come by in Seminyak. This makes the property a great investment opportunity even for short term investors.


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